Hey, my name is Ronnie Buttacavoli, I play trumpet and I am an original member of the Lafayette Afro Rock Band.

Speaking of playing the trumpet, my weapon of choice is a CANNONBALL, Stone Series, 725 Bb, Black Nickel Plated trumpet. Great sound, easy to play and works in any setting. Live concerts and shows, in the studio, large or small orchestras or bands, it just works. Check em out…you’ll be surprised. See the link to Cannonball below.

A while ago I was asked what the bulk of my work has consisted of over the years. Several things came to mind. Touring, recording ( jingles, film scores, record projects) live gigs in clubs, concert venues and Broadway shows, to name a few. B’way is an interesting test of many things to a musician. You play the same music, at the same time, the same way, 8 times a week. What I learned from veteran players and on my own, was to treat each show as if it was my first time in. Tryin’ to keep it fresh….

There is a project I have been involved with for more than 30+ years that I’d like to hip everyone out there to. …THE ED PALERMO BIG BAND. I’m extremely proud, yes proud, to be associated with Ed and the band. Playing Ed’s original compositions, his re arrangements of the music of Frank Zappa and many, many other artists, has been a natural ball. Please check out the link below to Ed’s web page and you’ll see what I’m talking about. If you love music, you’ll love this band. And watch out for his newest cd, “I’VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU”, THE MUSIC OF EDGAR WINTER. Killin’.

So, like, that’s all I got….for now.  😎    Please check out the links below and turn up the volume !!!   Peace